• ZIPLINE PROGRESSION - 1st came 1 zipline with lots of fun, then came the 2nd zipline with more improvements and even more fun and then came the 3rd zipline and we still found better ways of doing things.
  • HOW IT STARTED - Jaco, Stefan and Michael sitting around a braai discussing the improvements to be had and intuitively the myzipline site came into being..
  • PURE FUN - We have had so much fun, playing and connecting with our kids we could not not resist sharing this with our greater friendship circle and their friends.
  • ABOUT US - Michael is an habitual entrepreneur and enjoys getting things done in the best possible way. Stefan is the best bean counter and loves braaing but does not have a tool set hence the tools as an added extra. Jaco knows lots about making grass look really good and has a very keen eye for detail!
  • ENJOY! - We hope you enjoy designing and installing your zipline for your kids and look forward to hearing all about the fun being had!

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